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Real estate consultants are divided into:

Sales consultants
Buyer consultants
Bilateral consultants
Trading brokers

Each of these has specific tasks.
If a person decides to rent or sell their property, the sales consultants will help the property owner to do so. Purchasing consultants help those who want to buy a property to find and buy the property they want

Bilateral consultants are people who advise both the buyer and the seller. The job of a real estate consultant is to give honest advice and guidance to both parties to the transaction. The other group of consultants are the representative of the buyer and the seller.
Brokers have no confidential obligations with the parties to the transaction. They help buyers and sellers regardless of the interests of either party. This assistance is in the form of legal documents that are signed in the form of an agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Sales Consultant
A sales consultant is a person who helps guide, advise, and market their property when a person decides to “rent or sell” their property.
Buyer Advisor
A buyer advisor is a person who advises people who want to buy a property so that person can find and buy the property they want.
Bilateral consultants
Consultants advise both buyers and sellers. Bilateral real estate consultants must sign a contract with both parties to the transaction if the property is approved, with both parties to the transaction having rules, regulations and responsibilities.



Who are the traders?
They are mutual consultants or representatives of both parties to the transaction. They assist the buyer and seller in the transaction without considering the benefit of concluding the transaction by concluding an agreement between them as the documents of the transaction to be signed by both parties.

The main tasks of a real estate consultant are to investigate the transaction

Check the important duties of the real estate consultant that the property is the official title deed. Proof of ownership and the absence of any scratches. In case of any suspicious case, the description of the ownership document should be checked and carefully, which should be stamped and signed in case of explanation..

Required specializations in real estate
Most people think that they do not need any skills or expertise to enter this profession. Although this view is wrong, the real estate profession has its advantages in this regard.
If we divide the skills needed to enter the business into soft skills and hard skills, we can say that we need soft skills to work in real estate more than hard skills. In fact, in order to succeed in this profession, we desperately need soft skills.
To further explain soft and hard skills, we must say that skills such as the ability to solve math, mechanical problems, computer programming, etc. are hard skills and skills such as communication, teamwork, and the like are soft skills.


Authentication of the parties to the transaction
The purpose of authenticating the parties is to check their identification documents and ensure its accuracy. In some cases, we see the presence of people in the market who act with the intention of fraud. Therefore, when conducting real estate transactions, it is the responsibility of the real estate consultant to check the identity documents of the individuals and he must check them carefully. The documents required for the identification of individuals are usually their identity cards and national cards, but if you are not sure, you can request more documents.

In some cases, people may not be of legal age to do business, in which case they will have to go with another family member. In these cases, the letter of custody and the legal age of the owner are usually examined. You should note that in these cases, get enough information on legal issues and then decide on any action. For example, if the minor has reached the legal age at the time of writing the document, the specified amounts should be delivered to the owner and should not be paid to his guardian.
In some real estate transactions, people refer as lawyers of the parties to the contract, at which time the person’s documents as well as his power of attorney should be checked to ensure the authenticity of the person’s power of attorney.. 

Investigate the transaction and its terms

When a person refers to real estate consultants as the owner, they have the duty to examine the property and determine its price based on the results obtained.
Among the items that should be carefully considered to provide the necessary information to the buyer are the following:
Check the status of the property ownership document
Having or not having a document should be checked. Specify the type of document (cooperative, official document, endowment document, etc.).
Examine the appearance of the document as well as the information contained in it (the document must be free of any scratches)
If the information section of the document contains information, it must be stamped and signed

Check the location of the property and the address listed on the document

The location information of the property must match the address of the property

Check the details and identity of the person with the information included in the document

The information about the identity of the person entered in the identity card or national card must be in complete accordance with the information in the document

Check that the property document is free (not mortgaged or seized)

If the document of the property has been used as a guarantee of the bank or the court, no action can be taken against the transaction of that property.
Check the number of owners and the commonality of the document
If the property is common, the conditions for separating the property and the consent of the other owners should be considered

Check the property completion certificate

Some properties for various reasons do not have a certificate of completion, which is not a document, and this must be notified to the buyer and if you want to continue the transaction process should be mentioned in the relevant agreement.

Examining the property in terms of placement in development plans and green space

The buyer must be notified if the property has special conditions in the future due to its location in the development plans


Check the property for the presence of the tenant or its eviction

If the tenant is present, the lease agreement must be examined and the mortgage obligation and the time of eviction must be specified.
It should be noted that all of the above should be carefully reviewed by real estate consultants and additional legal information related to each of them should be provided to the buyer. As mentioned, the task of controlling and being aware of these cases is the responsibility of the real estate consultant and he should investigate them. In each of the above cases, there will be special circumstances that must be carefully considered by the consultant and the buyer will be fully informed.


Duties of a real estate consultant
Set up a list of items on hand to present to customers
Compare property conditions with each other and classify them in terms of price and location
Consulting and working with the seller or lessor to price and review the terms of the transaction
Provide suitable photos for property advertisements
Tips for sellers to fix property defects or potential problems
Advising and assisting the buyer or tenant to find the property or house of their choice and according to the client’s budget
Properly check the details of a property
Put the property in the list that can be provided or online on websites
Marketing and advertising in person or online

Coordinate with property owners and accompany customers to visit
Negotiate and consult for the final price with buyers and sellers and record the final amount
Set the terms of the contract
Establish a contract meeting and arrange a contract
Transfer part of the amount from buyers to sellers as collateral
Remove sold property from the list provided
Publish content and update real estate site
These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to sell or rent a property.
Disadvantages of the job of a real estate consultant
You need to train real estate consultants and be successful in the sales and transactions you are responsible for..
To succeed in this job, you must invest in this path and spend your time, money and effort on it.
You need to be familiar with marketing methods and know your business, understand your customers and manage your business properly.
A client may call you on the weekends and while you are resting, and you may have to make time for his work!
Your income varies in different months of the year, and depending on the circumstances of the community and the housing market, there may be a period when you have the least transaction.
The job of a real estate consultant is a stressful one and you may encounter dissatisfaction from your clients along the way.
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