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I am Ali Karimkhani with more than 15 years of experience in the world of information technology and software development. I am always learning more technology and teaching it to others.In the fields of software development, professional site design, blockchain and digital currencies, digital marketing, SEO and business and organizational intelligence, I am always trying to lead customers to success and be able to give their business a new meaning. Learn more about me and be in contact with me.

  • Born 1364
  • Residence Iran
  • Address Alborz
  • e-mail
  • Phone 09126381629

My specialties

E-commerce and marketing

One of the most important ways to promote and improve businesses is to be present in the field of digital marketing, which gives another meaning to your field of work. There are few businesses today that have not turned to digital marketing, so if you are new to this and you are behind your competitors, do not worry and call.

Website programming and design

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of web programming, Windows and databases and launching all kinds of websites, I am ready to serve you. I will implement all your ideas and provide you with full support until the end of the project. I will help you to have the best experience in this direction.

Programming and database training

Personally, I am very interested in education. C # programming training, databases and programming using web-based technologies, and blockchain and digital currency training are among my public and private training experiences. I am also ready to cooperate in the field of education.

SEO and website optimization

My site design and SEO experience will help you to be ranked first in Google results in expanding your business and to give more prosperity to your business by receiving more input from electronic portals.


Services available

Design and Implementation
150،000 dollar
Per hour of operation
Software systems analysis
Web Design
C # programming
Database programming
Custom programming
Management dashboards
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Wordpress / Full Stack
Advice and training
200،000 dollar
Per hour of operation
C # training
Database training
Web programming
Digital Marketing Consulting
E-business consulting
Blockchain and digital currency consulting
HTML / Css / Javascript / JQuery
C# / SQL Server / Access/ / PHP

Number of completed projects

Web design


SEO services






1391 to 1393
Shiraz university

Master of Information Technology - E-Commerce

Courses: e-marketing, e-payment, HCI human-computer interaction, SCM supply chain management, e-commerce website design, e-commerce databases, strategic management, M-Commerce mobile commerce, e-commerce law, networks Computers in e-commerce, industrial commerce and B2B
Thesis topic: Review and optimization of mobile marketing methods
GPA: 70/17

1388 to 1390
Iran Informatics Development University

Master of Information Technology - E-Commerce

Courses taught: Software Engineering, Databases, Object Oriented C # Programming, Operating Systems, Logic Computer Architecture, Web and Windows Programming, Web Design, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Computer Network Security, Artificial Intelligence And ..
Thesis topic: Analysis, design and implementation of comprehensive web tourism software:
GPA: 17/16


1395 - Current
Alborz Turbine Company Mapna

IT expert

Responsible for analysis, design, development and deployment of software systems and enterprise business intelligence system.

1394 - 1395
Carnaub Software Company

Web programmer

Web application developer using the Net platform

1393 - 1394
TeamYar Company

Software developer

Design and implementation of corporate website collections and participation in the development of enterprise resource ERP software produced by the company

1391 - 1393
Idea Pardaz Pishro Iranian Company

Software project manager

Analysis and design of received software projects in a startup company

1388 - 1391

Free contracting of software projects

Get the project and do 0 to 100 software development and delivery to customers

Managerial and analytical skills









Blockchain and digital currency


Database analysis


Coding Skills











Power BI




Digital marketing skills

Internet marketing


Electronic advertising




Social Networks



  • C / ++C / Windows API
  • Access / Excel / Office
  • PHP
  • Sharepoint
  • DotNetNuke
  • Joomla
  • WebService
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Json / XML
  • Bootstrap
  • MetaVerse
  • CrytpoCurrency
  • NFT
  • Windows Progrmming
  • Infopath
  • Adobe Muse
  • ITSM
  • Togaf
  • Datawarehouse
  • Scrum
  • ISO



Work and business school

Business intelligence in SQL Server

Nik Amuz

Power BI

educational institutions pishraft


educational institutions pishraft


educational institutions Data analysis



SQL Server D & I

Samatek educational institutions

Audit of organizational processes ISO 9001:2015



Alborz Turbine Mapna Power Engineering and Support Company

Alborz Turbine Mapna

Company website
Chavosh Free Higher Education Institute

Chavosh School

Ventilation company quality control file management software

Ventilation company quality control software

C # programming
Mockup Design 1

pooleno Blog

News website
parto negar Lighting Company

parto negar

Company website

News website


Store website

Store website

write a book

Establish and manage communication between Access and SQL Server


I thank God Almighty for granting me the success of writing this book so that I can serve my dear compatriots, albeit a little, in spreading computer science and technology.
Be happy for my father's soul and I wish health for my dear mother.
I dedicate this book to my sweet wife, who is the strength of my heart with her sacrifices and kindness.
I sincerely thank the esteemed publisher of this book and wish them increasing success.

Ali Karimkhani Winter 1400


Today, with the significant advancement of applications in the field of information technology and the emergence of concepts of digital transformation at all levels, information and record keeping has become one of the most fundamental and fundamental infrastructural needs of this great transformation. Information at all levels and for different businesses has become a very vital entity, so that all major and strategic decisions of organizations and large companies are based on the processing of information in the organization. It is this data and information that helps managers choose the right path, and by processing what has happened in the past, they can map out the future for us. Databases are an integral part of all information systems and propulsion software today. The purpose of many software is to process data and infer from information stored in databases. Databases are responsible for maintaining, structuring and laying the groundwork for the exploitation of information. This book focuses on Access and SQL Server database management systems, which are products of Microsoft, and tries to introduce an integrated software solution by introducing and expressing the strengths and weaknesses of each of these systems. In this book, after presenting brief educational concepts of each of these two database management systems, I present a solution for producing and implementing software, which is obtained by creating and managing a direct relationship between these two systems. I try to go beyond the general definitions and introductions of the theory by expressing and focusing more on the technical and technical issues of this issue, and analyze the intended solution with more scrutiny and expressing the relevant specific points. After general definitions but required to understand the technical content, I will teach and describe the features of Access and SQL Server software. Of course, for complete training and mentioning all the educational points about each of these softwares, it is necessary to write several books and it will not be possible to mention all their technical points and issues in just one chapter of this book. However, an attempt has been made to address all the points that are required for the audience of this book in the correct use of these softwares and the use of this integrated software solution. Then I will present an integrated software model using the connection between Access and SQL Server and discuss the types of connections that can be implemented between these two Microsoft products and the expression of a real project example that is compatible with the needs of the business environment. I'm finishing. An attempt has been made to provide all the pieces of software code and the technical and technical settings required for each of these two softwares in a completely practical and practical way so that the audience of this book can use this book in a completely practical and practical way. Hopefully, this book will be accepted by the experts in this field and will be able to help individuals and organizations to advance the goals of digitalization by providing software solutions. Although all my efforts have been to be able to address all aspects of the issue,However, it can have scientific or technical errors or shortcomings. Therefore, I sincerely ask all my colleagues, experts and pundits to reveal the shortcomings of this book to me and to present their constructive suggestions to me. Thank you very much in advance for your valuable comments.
All audiences of this book and experts can contact me in the following ways:
Ali Karimkhani Winter 1400

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Buying book
Establish and manage communication between Access and SQL Server
85,000 dollar
Dibagaran Publications


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