Advantages of social media advertising

Social media content advertising and marketing has many benefits, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Ability to be seen by a wide range of audiences
  • Ability to target audiences more precisely according to their tastes and lifestyles
  • High impact of social networks on customers' purchases
  • Alignment with content production measures on social networks
  • Easy access to audiences using mobile devices
  • Consider the capabilities and potential of outsourcing in content marketing

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The best social networks for advertising
Advertising on social networks is of special importance in Iran, because Iranian users spend a lot of time daily on social networks. According to the Deputy Minister of Communications, the daily per capita presence of Iranians on social networks is one hour and four minutes. (Source: Mehr News Agency) Many social networks offer advertising services. For example, Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for ads to target different audiences. But the problem with advertising on social networks in Iran is that due to the limited access of Iranian users to advertising services and its targeting by these social networks, these services are practically unused for Iranian users. But Iranian brands use other advertising models to take advantage of advertising on social networks. Iranian brands generally go to two popular social networks in Iran for advertising on social networks; Telegram and Instagram.

Types of ads on social networks

Advertising on social media can be done in two main ways depending on the purpose of your advertising campaign

  1. Extensive Advertising
  2. Selective Advertising

Widespread advertising: In this case, you connect with people who are each associated with 50 to 100 channels and publish your content simultaneously on all of these channels. In this case, your advertising content will be published in channels with various topics such as entertainment, news, sports, knowledge, technology, etc., and you can not limit the topic of the channels in which your ads are displayed. Selective ads: In this case, we provide you with a complete bank of all types of channels, and you select your desired list based on each review, and after reconnecting with us, place your ads on the desired channels. Go viral through us. The advantage of this method is choosing channels based on your target audience, and one of its disadvantages is that it spends a lot of time and costs more than Telegram's extensive advertisements. Fields of digital advertising, advertising on social networks, influencer marketing campaign, content production, site design, SEO and advertising campaign design and implementation of advertising campaigns works with different brands and according to your experience in these fields can give you the necessary guidance. Offer